Do you know we listen to music with our muscles!

Music and movement keeps children fit and active which is a great starting point in their development. 

Rocking and rolling to simple rhymes enhances coordination and rhythm but also develops early language skills and an understanding of mathematical concepts.


Through  creative movement children express themselves, develop confidence and high self esteem. It offers opportunity for social interaction while developing a range of physical skills in a fun and energetic way.

Come learn and play with us

Our classes give children the freedom to just be! To sing, play, move and learn through music and movement activities.


By responding to our carefully selected songs children are able to develop their creativity, imagination, coordination and balance.


Exposing children to movement, dance and musical instruments allows children to enhance their recognition of rhythm, beat, melody and tone.


The structure of our class allows children to develop a wide range of social skills, turn taking and cooperating.


Children will develop an awareness of their own body and how they can move their different body parts in time to music.

But most of all its a musical class full of fun!