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Music education matters

We offer an inclusive and interactive music and movement program as part of early childood education.

Our weekly incursions are implemented in 15 Early Childhood Centres across the Tweed and Gold Coast region.
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Early Years Learning Framework

Our program is carefully planned to naturally compliment the Early Years Learning Framework.  

We have monthly musical topics and wide range of resources ensure we captivate children's interest and ensure the session is purposeful and meaningful to each child. 
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We sing, we move, we play + learn

​Through the frameworks five learning outcomes we can assist children to develop;
  • A strong sense of their identity - engaging and contributing to music and playful experiences promotes a positive sense of self  
  • Connections with their world - being exposed to different languages in songs, culturally different music, musical instruments and dances.
  • A strong sense of wellbeing - supporting children’s emotional, social and physical well-being.  Our weekly sessions allow children to develop a sense of trust, understanding and respect.
  • Confidence & involvement in their learning - our sessions offer children the opportunity to make generalisations and predictions and become curious and enthusiastic participants
  • Effective communication skills - rhymes and action songs, music and instruments offer oral support to children and aid in their development of hearing and listening skills. They are part of children’s pre-literacy skills, being an important pillar in their cognitive development. Their value to children’s language and learning foundation cannot be underestimated. 
If you are an Early Childhood centre and wish to enhance your program, we would love to hear from you.  

Working with the community

Our 'pop up' outdoor sessions have been a huge success.  You can find us with the Richmond Tweed Reginal Mobile Library running events for local preschools as well as FREE community fundraisers.  
Join our mailing list to find out when our next 'pop up' event is!


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