children playing instruments

Supporting Early Intervention

Under the NDIS, music therapy is provided as an allied health service in the same way as physiotherapy, speech therapy and many others.  Accessing early intervention is valuable for children with additional needs and by using a music class as a therapeutic tool can assist children living with a disability in a number of ways.


What can we offer?


Our interactive musical program supports all children to express, play, create and enjoy music in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Our classes offer a time for social engagement and community participation, help improve language and communication skills as well as practical activities such as motor skills and movement.


We can;


  • Provide opportunities to meet people and make friends

  • Support children's social skills

  • Help children to express feelings and help them feel happy

  • Encourage children to speak using songs, instruments and sensory play

  • Help to maintain or improve mobility, communication and/or cognitive processing

  • Help to improve social interactions with others and help learn appropriate behaviour in groups.

  • Build self esteem/confidence.

Our classes can be used by families who plan or self manage their NDIS funding.  


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