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July 2021

Whats our topic?

Whats the weather today?  Its July and this month we are listening to the different 

sounds of the weather, children will be invited to explore our different instruments and recreate these sounds.  During our circle time we will be using our stretchy lycra and parachute to play rhyming games on a windy day but watch out for those leaves falling from the trees! We might have to hide under our umbrellas if it starts to storm!!!

We will be exploring so many colours of the rainbow in Baby Bounce.  Oh Mr Sun, Mr Golden Sun will be shining down as we explore tickly textures of yellow feathers, sparkly yellow sensory bottles and sensory textures under the chute.  What instruments can we use to make thunder and rain? come and play with our lollipop drums and rainmakers!


There are so many beautiful weather rhymes to sing, what's your favourite weather song?