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Baby Bounce
3 months +


A gentle introduction to music and sensory play

Our Baby Bounce sessions are aimed for babies from 3 months up to around 18 months, both mums, dads, grandparents and siblings are welcome!



Baby bonding

Our weekly sessions focus on fostering and supporting your relationship with your baby through musical play, tactile actions and sensory experiences.  You'll find our venue a warm and welcoming space where you can relax, have the opportunity to meet other parents and enjoy a range of activities with you little one. 

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Baby Milestones

For our younger ones, this session is about exploring music and sounds through a range of tactile actions and sensory experiences, lap bounces, rhymes and instruments. 

The structure and variety of the session provides the foundations to learning through their 3 main senses - sight, sound and touch, making it an enjoyable and playful morning in a social setting.

Its music to the ears

Although your baby wont be singing during our class, being exposed to a musical environment has huge developmental advantages.  It enhances communication and cognitive development, builds upon secure attachments and helps regulate emotional wellbeing. 

and remember.....

There are no bad singers in our class, your ability to stay in tune or even if you forget a word to two really isn't important.  

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Magical moments come from singing and dancing with your baby!