The magic of bubbles!!

Those little soapy circle shapes are one of my favourite parts of

our class!  They captivate children immediately and have such

a positive effect.  I have yet to meet a child who doesn't love to

blow or pop bubbles in our sessions!

Bubble play (while secretly developing key milestones) can be used as a calming and therapeutic activity or to provide excitement and encourage active skills.


Bubble mixture can be easily made at home and you can make some pretty cool bubble blowing tools for some endless bubbly foam! 

During lock down we made experimented making our own bubbles.

Have a go, its so much fun and a great hands on activity for little people...





Here's what you need -

  • 375ml water  

  • top to 500ml with dishwashing liquid,

  • Mix 1 teaspoon sugar and a dash of hot water -

  • Combine all together and blow!

Lets make bubbles

Explore &


Now the warmer weather is here why not enjoy some outdoor time with a mindfulness nature hunt.  I love activities like this as it can last a whole morning and not cost a thing!!


Plus its a great way to keep the little people busy, engaged while being active and out in the fresh air!

Connect with the great outdoors

To download our hunt click here

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