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Connect with the great outdoors

Discover + Explore

Playing outside has huge benefits for cognitive and physical development.  While all children love outdoor play, being outside gives children a chance to explore the natural environment and discover new adventures. 


They love discovering all that nature has to offer and it’s an ideal place for sensory play too.  The space and freedom offers children a time to test their physical limits, develop their ability to cope with risks and challenges, express themselves and build confidence.

Boy and sister

Scanvanger and nature hunts!

Scavenger hunts are a wonderful way to get your kids out and about with nature.

These activities can last a whole morning and not cost a thing!!


Its a great way to keep the little people busy, engaged while being active and out in the fresh air!

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To download our mindfulness hunt click here

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The beach offers a wide open playscape where children are fuelled by curiosity.

Children’s inquisitive minds crave opportunities that allow them to become designers, builders, mathematicians and innovators of their world!! 

To download our scavenger hunt click here

To download our hunt click here