Sing along, make and do at home!

We love this time of year, so much magic and excitement.  So here's a few ideas to make this time extra fun!

This is a song we have sung during December using our sensory scarves


I'm a little snowman

short and fat

Here is my scarf and here is my hat

When the snow is falling hear me say

Build a snowman everyday


Another action song which is lots of fun (Sung to tune of We wish you a merry Christmas)

let's all do a little clapping

let's all do a little clapping

let's all do a little clapping

and spread Christmas cheer

let's all do a little jumping

let's all do a little twirling

let's all do a little hopping


Make it energetic and use instruments for some extra festive fun!

Paper plate Christmas tree with amazing puffy paint

Puffy paint is a super fun sensory experience that's great for little hands. After it dries, it’s soft to touch!

What you need:

Puffy Paint (1 part glue, 1.5-3 parts shaving cream, a squirt of green paint)

Paper Plates

Craft sticks

Pom poms / sequins / glitter


First, cut the paper plate in half.


Next, wrap the plate around itself (kind of like a dress) and staple it together in 2 spots, near the top and at the bottom.

The craft stick will become the magical puffy paint paintbrush. It helps keep it nice and thick and gives it that pretty wavy effect. Simply decorate with all extra bits and wait to dry. Puffy paint is a treat! It dries puffy and feels amazing!!!

Folding Christmas Tree